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Sinead's Order

Sinead's Order


*** This shop item was created for a specific client, please do not pay if it was not meant for you ***


This shop item represents the payment for Sinead's Order for the remaining balance of £795.



    If you wish to look beautiful on your big day wearing one of our KATYA KATYA gowns and you have chosen one of our gowns on sale, we will require the full amount to be paid upfront.


    All of our gowns are made to a standard length of 120cm, therefore an additional cost for alterations (not included in the price of your gown) will be required to alter your gown to your specific length and any other additional alterations you may think are necessary.


    Should you require any further alterations, these can be done either by a tailor of your choice or by our recommended skilled, in-house tailor, who can be easily booked into our boutique. We will be more than happy to assist with our advice regarding the alterations; however, we may not be held responsible for the work performed by neither the tailor of your choice nor by our partnered tailor.


    Alterations costs with our in-house tailor range from £250-£400, which is payable directly to our tailor once the alterations are done. Please note that this is a guideline and you will be advised if your alterations may step outside this price bracket.



    As your gown is discounted, we operate a non-refund/ exchange policy with all our sale items.



    By placing your order, we require that you have confirmed that you have read and accepted the KATYA KATYA terms and conditions.