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Katya’s story began where many friendships start, at school. Two kindred spirits, Katya and Marina who became the best of friends. As the years went on and life took them in different directions, their friendship never faded. Built on love, loyalty and happy memories shared, their passion was to create something truly beautiful which reflected them as individuals.

Together they founded KATYA KATYA specialising in divinely modern feminine made to order French & Italian laced gowns. Only using the finest materials Katya’s gowns ooze romance, versatility and comfort, with interchangeable elements to suit every woman.

We have always been proud of our in-house production of gowns, not only giving brides a bespoke and high-quality experience but also making our garments sustainable and ethical.

The whole production starts with the fabrics, that we source from ethical companies based in Europe. We only work with fabrics produced in Italy and France making sure that from start to finish each material is made with care and as little ecological footprint as possible. Each design is inspired by the movement of the materials, the pattern of the lace and how well they work together. We make a couple of samples of our gowns which are then available at the KATYA KATYA flagship boutique and at our many stockists all over the world.

The gowns are made to order in our studio in Riga, Latvia, making sure that dresses and fabrics are not wasted. The gowns are demi-couture, meaning that they are sawn by machines and finished by hand. We pride ourselves in knowing all our seamstresses work in great conditions and paid a national living wage. Working so closely with the studio and being involved in the production of each gown we can offer our brides one of a kind pieces with only adding a design change charge. We make our gowns to any size based on measurements and we offer a range of samples in variation of sizes to include women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

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Co-Founder & Creative Director

Katya is the co-founder and creative director behind the Katya Katya brand. Her creative and unique vision brings all the gorgeous dresses to live. From a young age Katya knew that becoming a fashion designer was her calling and this is the career that she is truly passionate about. She creates garments for a modern woman, focusing on comfort, style and fashion-forward ideas.

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Co-Founder & Managing Director

Marina is co-founder of Katya Katya and has helped grow the brand globally to where it is today. Having met Katya at school in Latvia, where their friendship blossomed it was clear that the duo were to become the best of friends and business partners later on.
Marina’s passion for her job encompasses all areas of the business from brand strategy management to wholesale client relations, as well as the running of the flagship store in the heart of London.

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Boutique Manager

Yulia is our expert in helping brides find their dream wedding dresses. She is here to make you feel very special and assist in choosing the one for your big day. Yulia also loves designing custom dresses, so if you're thinking of bespoke service, she will be excited to advise on creating something unique.

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Right hand lady to Katya herself, Kristina assists with the daily running of the showroom in Riga as well as scheduling of Katya’s diary. Regularly liaising with clientele, taking appointments where necessary and helping with the general production of the organisation. Always committed to the job at hand, Kristina’s skill set helps coordinate and structure key areas of the business.

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Mark creates visual masterpieces with the many years of experience he has as a photographer, his keen eye for detail captures the essence of the brand. This can be seen throughout the regular photoshoot’s which take place for Bridal and our Evening collection.
Marks role is key within visual marketing design, where his creative flare really comes into a league of its own.

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Katya Katya London

The newest addition to the Katya Katya Team. 

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