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For those, who are looking to create their dream dress together with the designer, we are happy to offer our bespoke service.

The production time is ten to twelve months and the whole process is split into at least three fittings. The concept of the gown will be worked out during your first appointment with one of our sales assistants. They will attentively record all of the details discussed and pass this information to Katya, who in turn will put all of the bits and pieces together to create the design of your gown. The sketch of the design will be sent to you along with the estimated price and if you are entirely satisfied with both, we can proceed with the production of your gown.


During the first fitting we will take your measurements and finalise all of the details regarding your order. On your second fitting, the dress will be half-completed along with accessories (if any), some final adjustments can still be made, ensuring it is a perfect fit. On your third and final fitting, your one of a kind wedding dress is completed and all that is left to do is to make sure that you are completely happy with it. Note that you have an exclusive opportunity of meeting Katya in person during one of your fittings, but an additional charge will apply if you choose a time convenient for you rather than the designer.

The price for a Bespoke bridal gown starts from £3600, the final price will depend on the design, the amount and type of fabrics used as well as such finishing details like lace embellishment and accessories, if present of course.


Send us your details for further information on our services and how to order your gown online.


Romantic wedding gown
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