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Antonia classic wedding dress

The Galaxy Collection has been inspired by a magical starry night. Looking up at the stars, the boundless beauty of a night sky inspired this collection. We have created designs that represent the ethereal feel of the universe and represent the endless love between a bride and a groom.

This collection is made up of 30 unique dresses that inlcude silhouettes, that have been signitures of Katya Katya as well as new silhouettes of timeless designs that are versatile with changable elements such as light capes or bridal tops. The collection is the perfect combination of modern designs for unique brides and classic dresses that will stand the test of time. 

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We work by appointments only.

If you can't find availability in our calendar, please contact us:

We offer late appointments by request. 

18 Park Walk, SW10 0AQ, London, United Kingdom

London wedding shop

Once upon a time a modern fairytale, you said ”yes”.

To your love, to your partner, to your future. Your wedding dress will be one of the many details
that will make this day big and the one that will tell your eternal love story.

Our designs couple timeless British chic with an edgy attitude to create the lasting feeling of elegance. Our commitment is to produce with respect to the world of today and of tomorrow.

KATYA KATYA is a London based designer label that offers a unique selection of feminine bridal and womenswear pieces for a timeless bride by Katya Shehurina.

Blending the tradition & beautiful craftsmanship with a modern take on romance to create the wedding dresses that reveal the magic of your love story. The KATYA KATYA bride is unique, powerful and timeless. Comfortable and versatile design so you can create magical memories with your loved ones, whilst feeling the most comfortable. The KATYA KATY designs are comfortable  and easy to wear so our brides can create magical memories on their wedding day without any restrictions.  


18 Park Walk
SW10 0AQ


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