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Be marry, be happy, be united

We are all different, come from different backgrounds and lived such different lives. Situations, like we are experiencing today show how things can affect us all and show that despite of our differences we are so similar and when hardship hits we can be united together.

We wanted to create something that can bring some joy and love to the world during these unprecedented times. We heard so many stories of brides having to postpone their weddings. Being a designer our best way to spread happiness is by creating beautiful things for our brides and clients. We have designed 4 T-shirts that represent the romantic and fashion-forward feel of KATYA KATYA. Katya has created fun pieces with delicate ruffle details that are so unique and stand out but also work so well dressed down for a more casual look.


Our ‘United in Love’ pieces are perfect to celebrate with your partner on the day you were supposed to get married and create a positive memory of this day. Having said all this, you do not have to be getting married to wear these lovely T-shirts.


We have so many clients who love us for our style and this might be a great way to own a KATYA KATYA piece and wear for any occasion. We made these fun tops to be perfect for everyone of any shape, size, colour, or age. They have the high quality of KATYA KATYA and are versatile making them a piece of clothing you can keep for the rest of your life.