What they say

  • Dovile chose our Coral gown for her special day. This is what she said about her experience ‘ Loved the whole experience at Katya Katya! Dorz made it all so stress free and enjoyable. I was also lucky to fall in love with one of their dresses (Coral dress) from the first sight and it was perfectly tailored and even changed a bit as I had a slightly different vision. Everything from fitting to online communication was smooth and transparent. Would recommend Katya Katya to any bride who wants to wear something so carefully, beautifully made by nice people, and feel n0 stress throughout the whole process! ‘

  • The lovely Rosie wore Lille to her gorgeous wedding. This is what she said about her experience; ‘Dorz was very patient and flexible through the whole process. She was great at keeping in touch and answered questions quickly. I felt like she really cared about making sure I was super happy with my dress. The environment at the shop is nice and relaxing and it’s good that there’s a space upstairs to try dresses on as my mum is disabled and wouldn’t have been able to go downstairs. So happy with the dress I chose, I think the designs at Katya Katya are really interesting and great for someone looking for something a little bit different. It was comfortable and light which wasn’t the case with others I tried, which helped me feel relaxed during the day and enjoy it fully.’

  • The gorgouse Helen chose our Paisley gown with the top of our Avery gown to her bohemian wedding in Guernsey. This is what she said about her experience: ‘ Couldn’t have asked for a lovelier experience getting my dress here. I knew as soon as walked into the shop it was the place. Dorz was delightful and so helpful with all my queries and their in-house tailor was excellent. The dress also dry-cleaned excellently, it got a total bashing from running around barefoot and also a very wet trip to the beach with the photographer. It still looks brand new. It really made the day even more special wearing one of their dresses. ‘

  • The stunning Elin wore our Demelza gown to her wedding, This is what she said about her experience at the boutique: ‘From start to finish, this was a fantastic experience! With the help of the excellent staff (Dorz in particular) I found my dream wedding dress. Communication and logistics were painless and I was always made to feel like I was priority number one. I also ended up buying an evening dress since it was on sale and I couldn’t resist.. Oops! 🙂 ‘

  • The stunning Janey wore the boho inspired Avery to her wedding, here is what she said about her experience; ‘What an experience, what a dress. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from the first appointment to the last. Dorz was particularly amazing and did all she could to accommodate. Thank you to everyone at Katya Katya, you made my wedding dress dreams come true.’

  • The stunning Kristen wore our ‘Saga’ gown on her wedding day. This is what she said about her experience and gown, “I found your boutique on Instagram by chance. I am from Vancouver, Canada and when I knew I was able to come for a visit to London my first stop had to be your store! I bought my dress on my first and only visit, and was extremely comfortable and confident in my decision to purchase my gown through Katya Katya. Normally I am a very indecisive person, and the second I tried on my dress I knew I had found the one! I was helped by Dorz Francz. She was incredible for start to finish I cant say enough good things about her, and her team. I was married on June 30, 2018 at Villa la Vedetta in Florence Italy. The wedding day was straight out of a fairy tale, there was definitely magic in the air. Everything was perfect! I wore the saga gown with the blue underlay, it was everything I ever wanted but never knew how to put into words. Everyone including my husband, who saw my dress couldn’t believe how perfect it was for me. The dress embodied my personalty, and everything that I love. I am so happy I found you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making our day that much more special!”

  • My husband and I are one of those couples that are happy to say that we had our perfect wedding. I never dreamed about my wedding dress, but when I visited the Katya Katya boutique in Chelsea and tried the Zeva dress I straight away understood this is the one. With the professional advice of Dorz and Giuseppe it was tailored to suit and fit my silhouette perfectly. I felt very comfortable in my wedding dress and received endless compliments how very “me” it is. It has been such an amazing experience to work with Dorz, I was looking forward with excitement for each fitting appointment. I can’t thank the Katya Katya team enough for all their input in creating this beautiful masterpiece.

  • The stunning Danielle had the most amazing wedding in Essex that got featured in Brides Magazine online. Here’s what she said about her KATYA KATYA gown: ‘I wore the Maya dress from Katya Katya London. It was everything I wanted: boho, delicate, vintage-style – perfect for my fairy-tale day. I discovered the designer and the brand’s amazing team at Brides the Show and tried the dress on there. As soon as I saw my sister’s face when I came out of the changing room, I knew this was it. Its delicate French lace and pink, blue and opal stones on its belt made this my dream hippy-cum-fairy-tale gown.’

  • The lovely Bryony looked beautiful in Irene on her wedding day at Kew Gardens. Here is what she said about her experience at Katya Katya ” I am definitely still suffering from some post-wedding blues! If I could do it all again, I would choose a Katya Shehurina gown in a heartbeat. They are so special and I was overwhelmed with compliments at the wedding. Dorz and Giuseppe were so kind and patient during the alterations – I think my second fitting exceeded 2 hours, but they were determined to get it perfect and I can’t thank them enough. “

  • The stunning Laura wore our ‘Layla’ gown on her wedding day. This is what she said about her experience and gown:  “Experience wise, Dorz and the team were great, helping to suggest styles and reassuring me about getting everything done in time for the day, it was a really lovely, relaxed experience. I ended up having the top of one style with the skirt of another, making this change was an easy process and in doing this I was able to get my perfect dress. Having the dress fitted to my exact size was one of the best parts of the experience, I’ve never worn something that felt so perfect for me. It’s those final tweaks that make it all feel so special. The dress was so lightweight I was able to wear it all day and it managed to withstand a pretty epic night of dancing! I’m sad I only get to wear it once.”

  • Charlotte wore a bespoke gown with tiers and said “I wish I could wear my wedding dress every day! Thank you so much to Dorz and the team at Katya Katya Shehurina for helping me to choose my INCREDIBLE custom wedding dress. I couldn’t have been happier with the dress or the service!”

  • Ella wore the one-of-a-kind ‘Sabrina’ gown and shared with us her personal experience at Katya Katya Shehurina. ‘I couldn’t recommend the Katya Katya boutique any more highly. From the moment I stepped inside I was made to feel extremely at ease with the whole, and slightly scary, process of finding the perfect wedding dress. Hannah and Dorz assisted me in that process but only when I felt ready. There is often pressure in shops as soon as you walk in but you’ll find none of that at Katya. I could take my time and try on all the beautiful gowns until I found the one for me. Hannah and Dorz are extremely polite and helpful but not at all pushy. I could have bought all of the stunning gowns in there but their honest opinion helped me come to the best decision for me.
    If you are after a delicate, laced, boho-chic gown, I urge you to try Katya – you’ll fall in love!’

  • Helen’s city wedding was just perfect in ‘Opal’ saying,”I got married on 29 April 2017 and wore the ‘Opal’ dress and beautiful belt to go with it. I couldn’t have been happier with it and Dorz, in your London store was SO kind and helpful each time I went in to the store so a big thank you to her too. Thank you Katya for arranging for my new initials to be sewn on to the belt. It was such a lovely touch and I’m grateful to you for arranging for this to happen free of charge also as I’d seen an Instagram post about it.”

  • Chantelle wrote to us saying “Before I tried on any dresses I began looking online by simply typing in “wedding dress” into google. I narrowed it down to about 10 dresses and discovered that several of them were Katya Katya Shehurina dresses. So I booked in a time to try on the dresses and I knew straight away that I was going to pick one of these dresses.The dresses were absolutely stunning and the staff were extremely helpful.”

  • Chloe wore ‘Isla’ and said  “All the staff at the London store were amazing. They were professional, helpful and insightful, but most importantly very friendly and accommodating which made the experience of picking a wedding dress a very easy one. I also had the chance to meet Katya on my first visit to the store which was a real pleasure. My dress was absolutely beautiful and looked better than I could have imagined, which was all down to the design and some masterful tailoring by Giuseppe. I cannot thank the team enough and it was a pleasure meeting and working with them all.”

  • Laura wore the beautiful Primrose, saying ” Our wedding was small, beautiful and Intimate – no fuss just full of class and elegance and I feel my dress represented that. Katya Katya Sheurina was simply a breath of fresh air – the moment I walked in I knew I’d walk out with my perfect dress! No fuss no uncomfortable dresses it was pure bliss spending a few hours there and trying on a selection of dresses. I have my gorgeous mum to thank who found your website and actually suggested the dress I ended up wearing on my beautiful wedding day.”

  • Elise looked every part the bride in ‘IRENE’ and says “I found, what I thought was the dress of my dreams in Bride magazine, which was by Katya Katya Shehurina. Lucky for me, I am based in London and booked an appointment straight away. When I arrived at my first appointment I tried on 4 dresses and found Irene, the actual dress of my dreams. I popped by once more with my mother and we all cried, the dress was absolutely perfect. 3 months later I found out I was pregnant and was so worried about contacting the boutique, however Dorz and the team completely put me at ease and made sure the dress was amended to fit my changing shape. The team were nothing but helpful and lovely from start to finish, they made the whole process simply wonderful. The dress was perfect and I felt like an actual princess on my wedding day. Thank you so much to the whole team for making my bridal dreams come true.”

  • Chido Loved her dress saying “My dress was such a hit! Everyone still tells me I nailed it with the dress. I would love to take full credit but it was my mother who found this wonderful wedding dress shop tucked away in central London. I wanted a modern Edwardian dress and that is exactly what I found when I walked in! I  saw this dress and said That’s the one! I live in Bristol but the staff and the tailor made it work for me and moved things around for me, they were amazing and made it a pleasure to spend time in the store. My wedding day was perfect and I felt like a true bride in my dress, Thank you for everything!”

  • Melanie Wore the magical ‘Opal’ and says, “Opal was the perfect dress, for a perfect day. It was so light and comfortable to wear and I felt so beautiful in it. I really struggled to find a dress that reflected my style, and Katya Katya had so many that would have worked! How lucky I am to find her!”


  • Hannah wore the beautiful ‘Paola’ – “I fell in love with all of the Katya Katya Shehurina dresses as soon as i stepped into the shop. Dorz and the team made me feel so comfortable and welcome and helped me pick a dress that I instantly fell in love with. The whole process was a breeze and having the shop to myself at each stage made it all the more special. I loved my wedding dress and feel very lucky to have found a dress so perfect for me. My dress is for more than just one day, instead of having it boxed and hidden i’m turning it into a cocktail dress so that i can wear it on special occasions!”

  • Sophie – Wears the beautiful vintage inspired dress, ‘Rosa’ – “I was so fortunate to be able to wear one of Katya’s beautiful designs, “Rosa”, for my wedding in April. The lace bodice was so intricate and delicate, and the dress surprisingly lightweight and extremely comfortable. The service at the Soho boutique was flawless from start to finish, and the girls couldn’t do enough to make sure I found the dress that was perfect for me. I would highly recommend Katya to anyone looking for something special and unique for their wedding day.”

  • Sophie – Wears the gorgeous French lace vintage inspired ‘Floriana’ wedding gown with blue slip – ‘I always knew that I wanted a long-sleeved lace dress for my wedding so when I came across Katya Katya Shehurina after researching online, I was so happy! I noticed that you could have colour variations of the dresses via changing the slip underneath and I loved this element of it all. In the end I opted for the Floriana dress with a light blue slip underneath – after trying on about 8 different dresses! The blue made it a bit more ‘me’. The Floriana dress had an amazing train that fanned out and had a scalloped edge and the lace was just exquisite. The experience of getting the dress from the little boutique in Soho was lovely too on every visit. Thank you to the girls working there and Giuseppe who made the alterations for making it such a nice experience.’

  • Megan – Wearing the vintage inspired French lace dress, ‘Anna’ – “I felt so relaxed throughout the whole process & on the day couldn’t have felt more beautiful in my gorgeous Anna dress… which fitted me perfectly after the alterations. I had so many compliments about my dress & how it was ‘so me’ which is all I could have wished for. I just wish I could wear it every day now!”

  • Jo – Wearing ‘Rosa’ from our ‘Venice’ collection – “I feel truly blessed to have been able to wear one of Katyas’ dresses. I have never felt so beautiful and I’m sure I never will again….”

  • Carly – Wearing her vintage inspired wedding gown, ‘Liliana’ – ‘The dress was a huge hit. I had so many lovely comments and people who I know through friends have even been getting in touch to find out where I found it! I just want to wear it around the house now!!! Finally, I wanted to say a huge thank you for such a great experience from first finding Liliana to trying her on, getting the perfect fit in the final days before the wedding the team were just fantastic, you ladies are awesome! Thanks so much!

  • Justine – Ordered and shipped to New Zealand, Justine wears vintage inspired wedding dress ‘Illaria’ – ‘I just want to say a big thank you for my amazing wedding dress! We were married on 28 November and my dress was perfect. It’s so different to anything else available in New Zealand that I’m so glad I found you before I left London! I loved the blue, the belt, the lace – everything was perfect and we had such an amazing day!’

  • Kari – Wearing vintage inspired wedding dress ‘Violetta’ with blue slip – ‘I got engaged in February and married in July, so I ended up trying a lot of dresses in a short period of time. As a result, my wedding dress experience rapidly went from light-hearted to semi-miserable as I tried on dresses that were too large, to stiff, too puffy, with sales people who kept telling me I had to make a decision and really reminded me of used-car dealers more than anything else. KatyaKatya Shehurina’s dresses – light, airy, classic without being old-fashioned – and the team (who were fantastically patient and good humoured throughout) were the polar opposite. Everything I tried on was beautiful and fun to wear. I wanted a dress that was simple, comfortable, pretty, a bit modern and also something I could tailor to suit me. Being able to choose different slips – I went for the blue – and sashes allowed me to do just that… and kept my husband guessing; I told him my wedding dress was blue!’

  • Laura – Wearing vintage inspired wedding dress ‘Marteena’ – ‘I got married in September wearing the ‘Marteena’ dress, and loved every second of the Katya Shehurina experience – from my first appointment when I found “the one” with Katya, to my second where she personally cut the skirt length to fit me. I really really hope I can wear Marteena again some day! Thank you for creating the perfect dress for me & thank you all for the perfect experience.’

  • Holly – Wearing her vintage inspired wedding gown, ‘Paola’ – ‘EVERY ONE complimented me on the dress so thank you.’

  • Lucy – Wearing Vintage inspired wedding dress, ‘Rachelle’ – ‘Just wanted to say a very big thank you for making my wedding dress and truly making the day so special and exactly what I had envisioned. I am so thankful that I came across Katya Katya Shehurina on a wedding blog and was able to wear one of your beautiful dresses to get married in. I will keep the dress forever as it is truly beautiful. Thank you also to everyone in the showroom with whom I have had interactions with along the way; they made the whole experience wonderful and exciting and worked with such professionalism and showed true knowledge.’

  • Theresa – Wearing vintage inspired wedding gown ‘Paola’ – ‘I am so lucky to have found my perfect wedding dress from KATYA KATYA SHEHURINA for our wedding last year! The dresses are so unique and special – they are all so wonderful! You made my/our wedding day so perfect. I could not have found a more perfect dress even if I tried, I felt absolutely incredible through out the whole day in my beautiful dress ‘Paola’ and I cannot thank you enough!’

  • Marianne – Wearing custom wedding dress – I’d loved the designs of Katya Katya Shehurina from my first visit to the shop. Her designs are exquisite, feather light lace and detail but with a contemporary edge. In the end Katya was able to combine two of her designs to create something that suited my figure but enabled me to use the beautiful lace fabric cap sleeves and neckline with the fun pockets and lace skirt of a different dress. It was the, most fun and beautiful dress to wear and so light. Charging down the tent during the ceilidh was no problem at all!

  • Nataly – Wearing ‘Lisa’ from the ‘Venice’ Collection – “Once i saw the dresses online i knew that I had to see them for myself, I had been looking for something feminine yet relaxed as my wedding was in the countryside by a lake. When I walked into the store i fell in love – a very bright space full of beautiful delicate lace that made me feel like i walked into a Jane Austen novel. I felt welcome from the moment i stepped in with inviting smiles, very helpful advice and assistance. The dress i chose was flawless and wearing it on my wedding day made me feel like a pixie princess against the green and blue scenery. Thank you Katya Sheuhurina and your wonderful team for helping me find exactly what I want and making me feel special in the process!”

  • Sara – Wearing ‘Emilia’ and blue slip from the ‘Feather’ Collection – “I looked at many local bridal shops but I didn’t find anything I felt was right for me. Then I saw a Katya Sheurina dress in one of my bridal magazines, found out where the boutique was and booked an appointment. I loved all the dresses in the shop as they are so unique and beautifully made but I knew my dress ‘Emilia’ was the right one for me. “I loved everything about the dress, but especially the quirkiness of the design with the spotty sleeves against the beautiful vintage inspired lace which was set off by the blue silk slip underneath which I chose instead of ivory. It was lightweight and easy to wear, wonderfully understated and different from anything else I had seen.”

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